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30 August 2016

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National Packaging Waste Database

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Welcome to the National Packaging Waste Database

Changes to the Packaging Directive

DEFRA have requested that the below information note is made available via NPWD. This information note outlines changes to the Packaging Directive on the scope of what is considered to be regarded as packaging. The changes to the Packaging Directive came into force on the 30th September 2013. Producers affected by the changes will need to take account of them in their 2014 registrations.

Information note on changes to Packaging Directive


Producer Responsibility Coherence Discussion Paper: Summary of stakeholder and Government responses

Following the end of the discussion paper on coherence across the Producer Responsibility regimes, a summary of the responses and the government response is now available here.


Glass Remelt Recycling Obligation Calculation

The Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) (Amendment) Regulations 2012 contained an error in the formula set down for the calculation of the new recycling by re-melt target for glass. New regulations came into force on 24th July 2013 which corrected the error in the formula and is available at http://www.legislation.gov.uk/id/uksi/2013/1857. Obligated businesses should continue to plan to meet the target of 63% for remelt for 2013. The 2013 Regulations apply to GB. Northern Ireland is expected to introduce legislation to correct the error as they made the same mistake.


Guidance on EU End of Waste Regulations for Glass Cullet and the Implications for the UK Packaging Waste System

Please select this link to view the Guidance.


The National Packaging Waste Database (NPWD) is a web-based database supported by the Environment Agency,  the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), the Northern Ireland Environment Protection Agency,  the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills,  the Advisory Committee on Packaging, companies obligated by the packaging and battery regulations, reprocessors, exporters and compliance schemes.

NPWD Support – how to get further help

For business and regulatory queries call -

  • In England and Wales: 03708 506 506
  • In Scotland: 01786 457700 – Producer Compliance and Waste Shipments Unit
  • In Northern Ireland: 028 9056 9338

For technical queries or questions on how to use NPWD and for reporting problems phone 03708 506506.

The Development of NPWD

NPWD has been rolled out in a number of phases. Phase one went live on 1 April 2006 and allowed the online submission of quarterly returns by reprocessors and exporters. Phase two went live on the 1 February 2007 and allowed compliance schemes and direct registrants to register with us online. A further major development was in September 2007 which allowed reprocessors and exporters to apply for accreditation online . In spring 2008 extra functionality on monitoring of free-riders was added. 

Significant investment took place during 2009 in order to add modules to support the new batteries regulatory regime.  This included an on-line payment link for small battery producers as well as registration and approval for those companies affected by the regulations. 

NPWD provides the following functionality:

·         on-line registration for producers registering directly with an agency

·         on-line registration for compliance schemes

·         on-line accreditation of packaging reprocessors and exporters

·         on-line approval of batteries treatment operators and exporters

·         issuing of 'Electronic Packaging Waste Recovery Notes' (ePRNs) and 'Electronic Packaging Waste Export Recovery Notes' (ePERNs)

·         issuing of batteries evidence notes

·         on-line submission of quarterly returns by schemes, treatment operators, reprocessors and exporters

·         electronic statements and certificates of compliance

·         compliance monitoring of producers, schemes, reprocessors and exporters by the Agencies

·         free-rider monitoring

·         public registers and reports.


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